Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians - 3rd Edition

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    Ultrasonic Flaw Detection  for Technicians - 3rd Edition

    • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection for Technicians by John Drury has achieved almost cult status amongst UT Techs as probably the best practical UT book ever written. 

    • First published some 25 years ago, the book is now available as the 3rd Edition.  

    • The book has been updated to include UT developments such as TOFD.

    • J.C Drury (250 pages paperback, published 2004). 


    Chapter 1: History of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection
    Chapter 2: Basic Principles of Sound  
    Chapter 3: Properties of Sound
    Chapter 4: Transducers for Generating Sound Waves  
    Chapter 5: Probe Construction
    Chapter 6: The Pulse-Echo Flaw Detector  
    Chapter 7: The Ultrasonic Beam
    Chapter 8: Calibration and Reference Standards
    Chapter 9: Compression Wave Techniques
    Chapter 10: Shear Wave Techniques
    Chapter 11: Surface Wave Techniques
    Chapter 12: Immersion Techniques
    Chapter 13: The Examination of Steel Castings
    Chapter 14: The Examination of Forgings
    Chapter 15: The Examination of Welds
    Chapter 16: Defect Sizing and Evaluation Techniques
    Chapter 17: Assessing the Performance of Equipment
    Chapter 18: Report Writing