Optrel e684

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£230.00 (ex VAT)£276.00 (inc VAT)
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    Optrel e684

    • Automatic Shade Level Adjustment (Autopilot).

    • Shade levels 4 / 5 to 13.

    • Ultra-HD Quality with True Color View and Classification 1/1/1/1.

    • Fully-automated Adjustment of the shade level for every welding application, between shade levels 5 to 13.

    • True Color View in all shade level ranges.

    • Ultra-HD quality at optical classes 1/1/1/1.


    The adaptive shade level adjustment provides the optimum shade level fully automatically between the ranges of 5 to 13. This is achieved by an additional brightness sensor, measuring the intensity of the welding arc. You are always perfectly protected, whatever welding parameters you are using. Manual adjustment is also available if required.

    *The autopilot can be shut off on demand and the shade level can be adjusted manually if favored.