Kemppi Delta 90 FreshAir

£535.00 (ex VAT) £642.00 (inc VAT)
£535.00 (ex VAT)£642.00 (inc VAT)
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  • Description

    The Kemppi Delta 90 FreshAir is a high quality air fed welding helmet incorporating hard hat protection.

    Designed for welders working in all positions, Delta 90 FreshAir provides improved protection for the eyes, face and lungs.

    The Flow control system automatically maintains the chosen air-flow rate and the intelligent warning system provides both visual and acoustic signals if the battery is drained, the filter is clogged or the airflow is insufficient. The airflow is manually adjustable from 140 l/min up to 210 l/min, and the advanced flow control system allows the operator to manage airflow and battery life.

    Rechargeable NiMH battery ensures operations for up to 10 hours.

    Light-weight 900 g battery powered filter pack.

    Filter efficiency no less than 99.998 % of the airborne particles.

    90 x 110 mm clear Grinding Window with 1.5 mm impact grade clear lens.

    Optional pre-filter prolongs the main filter life.

    Meets hard hat standard EN397 and welding certification EN175.

    Certification: EN 12941 TH2, type PSL R

    Three Welding Filter Options:

    1) Standard Welding Lens
    All Delta helmets can be fitted with standard 90 x 110 mm welding lenses.   

    This allows the welder to decide on the fixed lens shade and gives a 90 x 110 mm viewing area when welding.

    2) Shade 11 Auto Lens
    This auto lens has a fixed shade 11 when welding and will automatically switch to shade 3 when welding stops.    

    Cartridge size 90 x 110 mm
    Viewing area 46.5 x 95 mm

    3) Shade 9 to 13 Auto Lens
    This top quality lens can be set to shades 9 to 13 and will automatically switch to shade 4 when welding stops.
    Cartridge size 90 x 110 mm
    Viewing area 46.5 x 95 mm

    2 Year Warranty on Auto Lens Unit