FreFlow V3 Air Fed Welding Helmet

The FreFlow V3 incorporates a flip up auto lens housing, which when raised reveals a large clear protective visor, giving superb all round vision for grinding and other tasks.

The system includes both a top rated TH3 air filtration system and an optical class 1/1/1/1 auto lens

  TH3 Approved Respirator - 99.97% Filter efficiency. A combination of P3 filter, pre filter and spark arrestor prevents inhalation of dust, pollutants, fine particles as well as other contaminants .
Gas filter available as optional extra.
  Intelligent Air Supply - The respirator motor automatically adjusts power and air-flow depending on the degree of blockage of the filter. The intelligent control, provides a stable and
clean air flow supply, keeping the welder comfortable at all times.
  Real-time Digital Display Indicator - Real-time monitoring displays the air-flow, battery power, particulate matter and filter blockage.. When the filter is blocked beyond sufficient air-supply or the respirator is low, a warning lamp will flicker automatically and the respirator will
sound and vibrate. The triple alarm system will alert the welder to ensure complete safety at
all times
  High Quality Respirator Motor - High-quality brushless motor, strong air volume, low power consumption, ultra-quiet running and up to 3 times longer motor life.
  Low Cost Spares: Not only is the initial cost of purchasing the FreFlow V3 lower than comparable systems, but spares such as filters and batteries are highly competitive.
  Side Lens Shade 5 lens on both sides, enhancing the surrounding vision, safer and securer.
  Fast charging Li-ion battery - Charges in only one hour
  True Colour Auto Lens (1/1/1/1 Highest Optical Class)
  Auto-darkening filter with “RealensTM Technology” providing "1/1/1/1" DIN rating,the highest optical level protection.
  This True Color lens gives the welder clear vision during welding and and with a light state of only 3.5 DIN the Tecmen lens allows non welding tasks, such as grinding to be carried out without the need to lift the helmet front. Low amperage TIG welding is also a feature of the lens.
  View using Tecmen lens in light state View with competitor lens
  View of welding pool with Tecmen lens View with competitor lens
Auto Lens (950S iEXP ) Specification
Optical Class: 1 /1 /1 /1
Viewing Area: 107 x 75mm
Cartridge Size: 156 x 123 x 33mm
Arc Sensor: 4
Light State DIN 3.5
Dark State: DIN 5 - 8 / 9 -13
Shade Control: Internal, Digital Display Control
Power On/ Off: Manually On/ Off, Auto-off
Sensitivity Control: Low-High, Digital Display Control
UV/ IR Protection: Up to shade DIN16 at all times
Power Supply: Solar cell. Battery Replaceable, 2 x CR2450 lithium battery
Switching Time: 1/25,000 s. From light to darkDelay (Dark to light):0.1 ~ 1.0s by dial control knob
Low Amperage TIG Rated :≥ 2 amps (DC); ≥ 2 amps (AC)
Grinding: Yes
Application range: MMA, TIG, TIG Pulse, MIG, MIG Pulse, Plasma Cutting, Plasma Welding, Arc Air Gouging, Grinding.
Approved by: DINplus, CE, ANSI Z87.1, CSAZ94.3, AS/NZS 1338.1
PAPR Specification  
Air flow rate: Low speed: 170 lpm   High speed: 210 lpm
Battery type: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Standard Battery duration: 9 hours Low speed / 5 hours High speed
Heavy Duty Battery duration 15 hours Low speed / 9 hours high speed
Battery charge time 1 hour - Standard    2 hours - Heavy Duty
Battery life: + 500 charges
Filter efficiency: 99.97%
Alarms: Visible, Audible and Vibrate
Weight: (Blower unit and battery) 1020 g
Standard: EN 12941 TH3 P R SL
  NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84
  AS/NZS 1716
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