Inspection Lamps  
  LED Magnetic Inspection Lamp & Torch  
  Dual mode torch and inspection lamp with magnetic fastening plates  
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  Weldas Firefox Welding Overalls (Blue) Chest Size L   out of stock
  Flame Retardant Cotton  CE Approved    Buy Now
  Sale Price £ 14.99  
  Red Wing Daletec 61430 Winter Overalls (Red) Size XS   out of stock
  Chest Size 34 to 36" Leg Size Regular   Click here for more info       Buy Now
  Sale Price £ 29.99  
  Search the internet and you will find these overalls selling at £183    
  Cutting Discs  
  Flat and Depressed Centre Cutting Discs for Mild and Stainless Steels     
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  Work Gloves  
  Leather Work Gloves - Size L (7cm)   1 in stock     
  CE Cat II   EN 388    EN 407 Buy Now
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  Drill Set  
  Silverline 204 piece Drill Bit Set   11 in stock     

51 x titanium-coated HSS drill bits, 42 x black finished HSS drill bits
14 x masonry drill bits, 18 x wood-boring drill bits, 3 x pilot drill bits
47 x screwdriver bits, 10 x nut drivers, 3 x drill stoppers, 4 x holesaws
1 x holesaw adaptor, 3 x cupped nail sets, 3 x screw finders,
1 x centre punch 1 x countersink, 1 x drill gauge, 1 x bit holder
& 1 x hex key
Product Weight 3.970kg

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