You’ve never seen welding this way before.
With Panoramaxx Optrel introduces a never seen before world of viewing to the welder. The nose
cut-out brings the ADF closer to your eyes. As with
eyeglasses, the ADF‘s frame becomes almost invisible
to the welder, increasing the field of view by more than
6 times.
With autopilot the auto lens detects the arc brightness and then automatically sets the correct shade. Shade levels 5 to 12 are available, with a non welding shade of 2.5. For those who prefer to set their own shade level, there is a manual override feature.
Watch the Autopilot Video
True Color View
A specially developed UV/IR filter allows the realistic color perception typical of optrel, bringing color to the welder’s world. Watch the Truecolor Video
Panorama field of vision
The Panoramaxx offers a 6 times larger field of vision than standard welding helmets – and is still a lightweight at only 550 g.
Shade level 2.5 in inactive mode
Panoramaxx offers a world beating non welding shade of only 2.5. Watch the Grinding Mode Video
Multi-Sensor Detection
The completely redesigned controls of the 5-sensor array ensure the perfect regulation of the auto-darkening filter.
Warranty Extension - 3 years
Standard warranty of 2 years, can be extended for free to 3 years, when registering on the Optrel website, within first 6 months of purchase.
More information and videos are available on the Optrel website here
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