Jackson WH40 Element PAPR 'V' System
If you are looking for a low cost air fed helmet with
a flip up grinding window, then the 'Element' is
for you
Helmet Features
B rated impact resistance visor for grinding
Light weight - only 895 g
Low cost spares available
Flame-retardant face seal
Auto Lens Features
Twisted Nematic (TN) display technology
External controls for shade setting
Internal controls for both sensitivity and delay
96 x 42 mm viewing window
Switching time: 0.1ms
Lens can be set to shades 9 to 13
Lens will automatically switch to shade 4
when welding stops.
Airmax Blower Unit Features
Reusable (TH2P) filter against airborne particles
(solid and liquid) with 3475 cm2 area of effective
Light weight only 936 g including filter, battery
and belt
Flow rate range from 170-210 litres per minute
for 9 hours
Removable rechargeable Li-ion battery for a
charge time of only 4 hours
Buried ON/OFF button reduces the risk of the
unit switching off in use
Acoustic warning alarm alerts user to potential problems
Proban covered belt and hose offers flame
protection for prolonged life
CE approved DIN EN 12941: 2009 TH2P R SL - PAPR
2 year warranty on the helmet
1 year warranty on the blower unit,
6 months for the battery
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