- Jackson WH50 Multiview -

- NEW from Jackson Products, the WH50 Multiview is a variable-shade, auto-darkening welding helmet with side windows. -

Carbon Finish

Comfort headgear with pivot pad

Lens can be set to shades 9 to 13

Lens will automatically switch to shade 4
when welding stops.

IRUV Shade 5 side windows offer increased
peripheral vision and safety

High-Low sensitivity dial

3 independent sensors for better arc detection

Variable delay dial (0.1-0.9s)

Switching speed: 0.4ms

Suitable for all arc and TIG welding
applications >15 amps

Lens size 90 x 110 mm Viewing area - 98 x 40 mm.

Designed to accommodate a dust mask.

Low cost spares

2 year warranty

CE Approved

Special Offer Price: £ 80.00  
(£ 96.00 inc VAT)  plus delivery


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2400 Auto Lens Front and Rear Views