The Beta 90 X comes with shade, sensitivity and delay controls. It easily adjusts for MMA, MIG or TIG arcs (shades 4 / 9-13). This model is the perfect choice for the most demanding welding applications.

Lens can be set to shades 9 to 13 and will automatically switch to shade 4 when welding stops.

Darkening is activated immediately after arc ignition and auto filter brightens immediately after arc cut-out. The time taken for this change can be adjusted. Adjustment range (delay control) 0.2 to 0.8 seconds.

ADC Technology (Angular Dependency Compensation) The ability of the filter to stop light rays and reflections entering from the side. Now improved from +/-10° to +/- 30°

Welding Filter Size = 90 x 110 mm

Grinding Window Size = 90 x 110 mm

  • Two stage 'Flip front' to provide partial or full view of the weld area through a 90 x 110 mm impact grade clear window.
  • Double skin design around the hatch set 'Flip front' to improve strength and act as a thermal break, reducing internal temperatures around the welders face, giving improved comfort.
  • Spatter rim around the periphery of the helmet shell designed to deflect welding spatter and grinding particles.
  • Conical shell design, styled and cut deeply at the sides of the face, ears and neck to provide maximum protection even when working in the overhead position.
  • Approved to CE EN 175B and is suitable for both welding and grinding.

  • European Quality - Made in Finland
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