ArcOne AirShield Grinding Visor
with AirPlus Air System
The ArcOne AirShield Grinding Visor with AirPlus® Powered Air System is the third generation development from the ArcOne® 20-year PAPR program.

A durable and sturdy full-coverage grinding visor provides a large viewing area. Installation and
removal of the visor is both quick and easy.

The AirPlus® creates a positive pressure inside
the respirator head top keeping out harmful welding
fumes and particulates. Extended battery life, multiple
alarm systems, lightweight comfort.
  • Large shield-like viewing area
  • Complete with comfortable 04-HG sweatband
  • Lightweight helmet at only 265 grams
  • Meets/Exceeds: CE EN 12941, ANSI Z87+, CAN/CSA Z94.3
  • Direct flow into the helmet with new air
    manifold system
  • 8-setting airflow control, minimum flow at
    170 LPM, and control of direction

  • User control of airflow direction

    »» Fully open air setting to mitigate fogging

    »» Fully closed air setting to channel airflow
    to breathing zone

    »» Partially closed air setting for taking
    the sweat out of welding
  • Constant airflow correction technology
  • Visual and audible alarms for low battery voltage
  • Includes smart charger
  • 14-hour lithium-ion battery (at min. fan speed
    in smokeless lab environment)
  • Audible and vibration alarms for low flow (clogged filter) and missing filter
  • Lightweight, super comfortable 100% cotton, FR treated face seal.  Easy to change, no
    more nuts and bolts to fiddle around with
  • Flexible breathing tube with quick disconnect with fire retardant air-hose cover
  • Ergonomic comfortable belt
  • Convenient single, replaceable HEPA filter
  • Supplied with duffle bag
  • AirShield® certificate # 235/E-030/2017
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