Jackson Airmax WH25 Duo PAPR System
The latest in Jacksons Airfed Welding Helmets,
The WH25 Duo offers the best in class TH3
filtration at a very reasonable cost.
Helmet Features
B rated impact resistance shell for grinding
Light weight - only 498 g
Low cost spares available
Auto Lens Features
110x90mm cartridge size, 97x41mm viewing area
Lens can be set to shades 9 to 13
Controls for both sensitivity and delay
Grinding mode
Switching time: 0.3ms
Airmax Blower Unit Features
TH3 P R SL best in class, with a max inward leakage
of 0.2%. NPF=500.
Light weight only 990 g
Replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion battery 7.4V/5200mAh. Charging time: 5 hours
Acoustic warning alarm alerts user to potential problems
Fitted with flame retardant supporting belt and hose cover for prolonged operational time
Replacement filter available
Operation time up to 9 hours
Noise level 75dBA
CE approved DIN EN 12941:1998+A1:2003+A2:2008 TH3 P R SL
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