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Full Version: BS 4872 against other codings.
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Require some urgent information on BS 4872 vs other coding's on the go at present.

Currently i'm being put through and the advice i've been given is to go for the afore mentioned coding on 4 or 6 inch pipe.

What i need is the best coding for all round work or are there any better variations for structural with some pipe in Stick and Mig.

p.s My heads spinning trying to figure this out.


3.2 Inspector
Why not qualify according to EN 287-1?

BS 4872 is not a hormonized standard, which means you can't use your codings on any job which is covered by PED.

Just curious here: why would anybody advice you to qualify according to BS 4872?
It seems like a waste of money.

Tungsten sharpener
BS4872 is a basic welder competancy, it just demonstrates that a welder is able to use a given process to an acceptable level.

Basically, you are able to use the process and can deposit metal in a controlled manner.

Its used as a milestone for companies who then put a welder through task related codings.

ASME1X / BSEN287 would be a more saleable coding in the job market but would be more expensive as you need the procedure aswell.

Thanks for the replies.

The company testing me out were asked regarding what would be the best coding for todays climate and as i say BSEN4872 was mentioned as the best to go for as a general all rounder if you will.
But if that's what it is is a kind of basic competency test then i'll not bother-fourteen years full time and a lot on top of that i really don't need to go back to basics as it were.
Plus part of the reason in asking is that i've not heard anyone mentioning this BSEN4872 on the forum,so before i go and drop myself in it i'd rather ask.

As for ASME1X,that used to be me old coding years back.Served me well it did.

The joke shop are paying and at the minute i feel like a kid at christmas apart from the migraines......

Bugger it:EN287-1 after all,push comes to shove the others could be done later if needed.

Thanks guys.

Someone said BSEN287 narrowly specifies what joint, thickness, etc, etc. it was passed on, so although it is a higher qualification, if you are outside what you coded on, you have nothing. Whereas BS4872 is more general - at least it gives you something. Idea of get BS4872 yourself and let companies pay for EN287's as and when needed esp. with cost of radiographs! Does this sound anything like right?

I understand what you are saying but there lies a problem with Coding BS4872.
Currently i need my codings to give me the chance of getting work as the vast amount at present as in the past are short term ventures.
This has a knock on effect regarding coding's,an employer unless for instance in a full time capacity just won't in the main pay for your codes so on reading and chatting to other welders the coding BS4872 is best suitable for a general fabrication shop whereby they may sort you out in the future.
Atleast with the likes of EN287-1 there is work around if you have the coding,in my case,work equals money and money equals paying my way through other codings.
That's the plan anyway......

On another note:Must have coding such and such:Must take weld test,kinda defeats the object of certification........

3.2 Inspector
Certification is required by code
Site test is required by costumer/employer

Hi All!

ratcatcher, are you aware you can have a duel coding, both ASME and latest EN ?

Doosan Babcock offer this at quite a reasonable expense.


Hi Rodofgod,

At the minute i've got to supply quotes for the joke shop,so far i've got them from these companies:

RWD weld testing:London.

NETA on Teeside

Doosan Babcocks are on today's hit list.

All depends on Gordon's loony brigade as i'm not being given the amount that some are saying,they've given me a max of 450 any more and i've got to pay as well.

What they're all saying "joke shop" is that if i stay their friend for the six month i'll get loads of cash........

So my plan like i say is get what i can in the budget then if need be pay later........I feel like the Chancellor of the exchequer:Broke,disillusioned and got a hang over from last night........

hey all! rite nothing really to do with this topic but did not think it was worth opening up a new one. just a shout out n thanks to people who gave me advice for a en-287 pipe cert, just had my certificate back thanks every one christiano
Hi Gents.. biggrin.gif

Does anyone know of a welder testing centre in, near, or around,Kirkcaldy, Edinburgh areas I want to do a 6G Flux Core

Thanks in advance

Willbill biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Only one i know of up north is an outfit called NETA on Teeside,failing that do Babcocks not carry out certs over at Grangemouth?.

willbill try here

Hi willbill try Adam Smith College Kirkcaldy.
They have just trained and tested out a local welder.
6GR Stick root, flux core fill and cap.
They sorted out everything from training, material, equipment, Lloyds inspector and bombing
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