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Full Version: ESAB machine or R-TECH?
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Right, need your opinions on ths if possible? I work in a college, and have been given the posibility of buying some new Mags machines that combine arc welding attachments to replace some old machines of ours. I had set my mind on an an ESAB Aristomig 3000i with q set automatic adjustment. I've had a good price offer for each machine, but my boss has looked at the products available on the r-tech website and has found either the r-tech imig450 or the cmig450s for a little less money. It seems like a bargain those machines being cheaper and 450a machines compared to 300a machines. But I have niggling doubts, I know how good the quality of the ESAB brand can be, is it worth the extra money over the cheaper brand even for a lower powered machine? And the other thing is, r-tech say that the i-mig450 is the equivalent of q-set, is this true? Q-set appeals to us as we believe that it could drastically cut down on wasted material and consumables with students setting machines incorrectly al the time. Any ideas?
silver rod
As cost is an issue it might pay you to look at Kemppi sets, as they have an educational discount, available on request I believe.
Technic Al
Q-set appeals to us as we believe that it could drastically cut down on wasted material and consumables with students setting machines incorrectly al the time. Any ideas?

Surely getting it wrong is part of the learning process
6 milli Billi
I agree with Al, setting up of the machine would be part of learning the process, i.e the difference between good and bad welding condition, spray arc, short arc, transition arc etc.

Would be careful regarding buying the cheapest option, not always cheaper in the long run. Would advise best quality for the funds available. most suppliers will be sympathetic to the financial constraints of a college.

6 Milli
good point al but in this day and age these young people have never got anything wrong
Had some niggling problems with R-TECH MIG/MAG inverter machine but their after sales was excellent. They stuck with it and fixed it in the end.
Technic Al
just out of curiosity, where are R-Tech made?

Does anyone really know
They claim Made in UK. I'm not sure if its not "assembled in UK", as with most electrical/electronic components are manufactured in the Far East.

There has been previous discussion on the topic.

I also suspect R-TECH view this forum, maybe they will post a response.......
Tungsten sharpener
I bought this set about 18mths ago, the q-set thingy is ok but you get much finer control manually. It does take some of the skill away from setting the set and it will always give a consistent weld no matter the arc length.

Maybe not the best set to learn on, too easy but also a big confidence builder when resolving other technique problems.

As with previous esab sets quality has been 100%.


ps I got 500 worth of free mask and paid 2700
charlie mcc
Isnt it better to be able to set up your machine as they are not always going to work with automatic adjusting and as most welders will know there are a lot of boys doing mig that dont know the settings.
I work for ESAB and would just like to point out:

1) QSet is a software function and all machines can also be used in normal manual mode.

2) You can use the QSet function to get parameters set about right and switch into manual mode to make adjustments if you want to tinker with the settings.

3) QSet if fully self setting, just put the wire and gas combination and the machine will tune-in with a few seconds.

4) QSet can also be used to constantly monitor and adjust to give a consistent profile.

HOWEVER - It only works in DIP, not will not work SPRAY.
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