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Full Version: how hard is a tig 6g or 6gr test?
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alrighty boys. i was wondering how hard it is to do a test with the tig. ive had some training but
not positional, just spinning the pipe around on a jig. ive done 3" 10" and 12" pipes which i found the
bigger the easier. wld like to work offshore and get into better money jobs but dont want to pay for a coding if am gonna fail it. its difficult for me to keep the wire in the pool for the root. will this cause me alot of problems when it comes to being x rayed? what size of pipe wld u recommend me doin the test with and have you any tips for better rooting? any help appreciated. unsure.gif
cheers lads
When i did my 6G on 4" carbon I had problems with the root gap 3m closing
Then an old hand show'd me how to put bullets in and put the wire in from the top much better. blush.gif
Back in ealy 90s.
Wee welder......

Looking at your post and reading between the lines you need more experence,
you want to work offshore thats your goal, you need a track record welding to x-ray spec.

I would say you know you need codings. Am i correct?

You also need to muti decplined
ie coded in stick,tig. and mig,gas (oxy-acetylene welding)

I know im currently working offshore and i am welding in all thoses postions,
You also need to know what your talking about.

I hope this puts your mind in the picture.

thanx for ur replies chopout and 3rs.

i have a shipbuilding background so getting a squirty cert wldnt be a problem (BS EN 287-1) but itl be a different number than that if its a pipe. is that right?
done a good bit of stick in awkward positional with stainless and cardon steel but not on pipes. is there any problems i might come across doing that?( shld i get a stainless or carbon steel cert?) av been told the 6gr is easier cos u can rest on the restriction.
as for the tig i am very new to it but keen to learn. probably not ready for a test yet as my rooting is not as good as id like it to be. when i get better though shld i try for a stainless cert or carbon steel? and then theres the size of pipe to consider. does doing a big pipe cover u for below that size?
its all a bit daunting really and i dont want to be wasting money on certs im not going to use. ive so many questions to ask about the subject as ive nvr really bothered about certs till now. been out of work for a little while so need to get back in the game as the bank balance is low. most decent jobs ive come across lately want u to have your own codings.

all ur help very much appreciated. unsure.gif

thanx again
wee welder

a lot of tests are 2in / this might just cover you up to 6in (then 6in heavy wall to cover you for big stuff)
you say your struggling to keep wire in the pool, you dont have to keep it in (start off just dipping it in)
if your not getting much metal in the pipe try using a bigger gap (more juice) / if its going in but flat -concave you need to put more wire in , try lowering the juice
There is only one way for you to go old friend. PRACTICE.

You can receive all of the advice in the world but its only you that can do it.

I never met a welder who after practice coudn't pass a tig test.

The smaller the diameter and wall thickness of the pipe the more difficult it becomes.

Thats why both BS EN & ASME Standards want seperate test pieces doing when you get down below 25 NB.

thanx guys

regarding the tig, i can start rooting, do a good bit and stop, look at the back and it looks quite good. being even and not heavy. then al start again, stop and check it then get mad at masel cos its hangin like a bunch of grapes!!! i find it hard to tell how much wire to put in at the moment.
being used to the mig i no exactly when im getting porosity with that, but with the tig is this what im getting? al try and explain.... when ive got the torch going on the root and working my way up trying to feed the wire in all the time is tricky so sometimes it comes out the pool and when that happens little bubbles seem to spray about the area where the arc is. that will be porosity is it cos am only burning the edges of the prep?

with the comments so far i think im a long way from getting a tig cert so will concentrate on a stick and mig at the moment.

madbluemad ur absolutely right... it takes practice, more practice and even more practice to get it sussed!!! unfortunatley my funds have ran out for training more and i have to get my finger out and work for a living! but certs seem to be the way to go cos im not finding many jobs on the go asking for a trade test.

so, regarding a stick 6gr cert, what wld be the best one to go for? shld it be for over the 6" with a thick wall or under the 6"? stainless or carbon steel? theres so many options an i just dont no what the best thing to is.

thanx so much for helping me with my welding problems. uv probably got a flash just reading this!! biggrin.gif

Wee Welder,

You refered to Carbon codes and stainless codes.
Go for both as you be more employable.

madbluemad is correct in saying Practice,
It gives you experence.

Experence you cant buy in the shops!

The same code applys to plate and pipe (EN 287 pt1) But its only a spec number

however to explan the thinking behind it.

EN 287 Pt1 on plate means you are able to weld plate to that spec.
EN 287 Pt1 on Pipe means the same thing as above (its only a spec number) in layman terms yes means the same thing, but if you weld pipe to 287 then your automaticlly covered for the plate.

when you get to do your pipe codings, I would suggest

6" tig,root. 7018 fill&cap
6" Nu5 root 6013 fill&cap
6" tig complete
6" 7018 complete
2" tig complete

6" 316 stainless tig complete
2" 316 stainless tig Complete

Then once you have mastered that then think about doin gthe 6GR

can anybody eles amend post?

hope this puts you in the right direction.
cheers 3rs
dont think of me as a dafty. been stuck in shipyards since i served ma time and nvr needed to bother with this malarky before.
was gonna ask, what is 7081 and 6013? is that the type of wire or type of pipe? same with 316 for the stainless?
thats alot of codings to start with. they cost a pretty penny too!
wish i got all this sorted long ago now.
thanx again. ur helping me well with my enquiries
still very confused tho so expect more daft questions unsure.gif 58
nigel 42
wee welder

7018 and 6013 are stick electrode classifications

7018 being a low hydrogen class
and you served your time in a shipyard and you dont know this

not very good training or are you a troll

wee welder you sound enough of a nobber to get a start as a repair welder with kidology!!!
hey nigel
not very good training atall. had a bit of a rough time of it to say the least. between gaffers making up lies about my progress so they cld keep me in there squad for their donkey work (i was free man hours being an apprentice) and other gaffers not having a clue about the job. if i asked a question, the reply i got was "just f***in weld it!!" och, i cld be here all night telling u the mad things that hav happened over the years.

im a mig baby really. only worked gravvies (iron powder rods) in the yards. mainly did the rooting on the shell and x-ray repairs once i left the place i served my time in.

my experience with stick is at another company welding rudders, keel straps, tanks etc but it was just those vortic marine rods i used and nvr bothered looking at the numbers etc.

hey, what can run but nvr walks, has a mouth but nvr talks, has a head but nvr weeps and has a bed but nvr sleeps? unsure.gif

not nice drippinslag sad.gif
just lookin for info
QUOTE(wee_welder @ Jan 23 2008, 01:52 AM) [snapback]48214[/snapback]

alrighty boys. i was wondering how hard it is to do a test with the tig. ive had some training but
not positional, just spinning the pipe around on a jig. ive done 3" 10" and 12" pipes which i found the
bigger the easier. wld like to work offshore and get into better money jobs but dont want to pay for a coding if am gonna fail it. its difficult for me to keep the wire in the pool for the root. will this cause me alot of problems when it comes to being x rayed? what size of pipe wld u recommend me doin the test with and have you any tips for better rooting? any help appreciated. unsure.gif
cheers lads

how do mate dont even bother with ur own certs most mobs test u out any way except for a few like the muppets that want u to go to holland start ringing around and take the tests ul never no till u try weldings no rocket science like some of the prima donnas on this site seem to think pm me if ur looking for numbers etc
nigel 42
wee welder

i was treated a bit like you dogsbody great when you got them out of the brown stuff

but the rest of the time go for this go for that

did my codes years ago left the firm found out later the firm had somebody else using them

soon put the skids under them by contacting lloyds

but i was blacklisted by the local trade association

but none of these firms exist any more

so that speaks for itself

35 years plus experience and still learning

best regards and go for it


My question is nigel, why let anybody treat you like the broon stuff if your daft enough to put up with it you only get whats coming pal!! Never let anybody in any rank or position treat you like this because you know the weak and the weary are always easy targets,your born with a gob and a pair of legs use either to get yourself out of any working situation.

can sometimes be easier said than done depending on the situation.
No working situation requires you to be an ersehole these boys love an easy target don't let them get to you or they'll always lean on you man. feck sake its easy go to work be miserable go home be miserable. tell them tae get tae feck problem solved go lookin somewhere else your sanity is at stake at the end of the day!!
yup, ur right drippinslag
now giv me more info bout ma certs carry on please. if i cld only go for 1 cert with the stick, what wld it be? and what type of metal? stainless or mild steel?
what wld u do?
regards wee_welder rolleyes.gif
if your competent with squirty go for 6g,dosh to be made if your a tig hand take your pick wee man. dockyard screamin for men rosyth ,barrow give it a bash but stop bein a fa nny be a man
been to barrow. left for short term job good money but got masel black balled for getting back along the way. uh hu rosyth the money no good. 15mm vert butt wi tiles. enquired bout it if its eh same mob ur on about. o.rion fife? u seem lek a loud c_nt!!! the bigger they are the harder they fall. am alright am a short bottom!! biggrin.gif
100% loud (beep) but can back it up with the job bud
wee welder, if you're not too sure with the tig and you're ok with the squirty go for either a stick root/squirty fill or solid root/squirty fill. everybody has to start somewhere mate so don't let the assholes bring you down or dissuade you from your goal. don't be afraid of tig either, i had my first ever tig job in mossmorran last year and it's nothing to worry about, one minute i'm a poor squirty hand the next i'm doing a furnace re-tube welding this exotic kind of inconel !!!! you couldn't make it up !!! i'm 39 now and i wish i'd taken the first tig test i got offered years ago but hey we all get the same dough these days anyway. GO FOR IT and if you want some numbers, just like my good friend ally, pm me.c&c
How much were u gettin bigyin? What u up to the nno?
nigel 42

ii had to take it because i was indentured

otherwise i would have told them to beep off

but in later years i was head hunted by the local firms

Guys does Babcocks do the training for the tig,
and other welding process?

If this is the case Weewelder this could be the way you need to go, I dont know how much it would cost. But its a direction that you can look at.

cheers 3rs biggrin.gif
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