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Full Version: makems and takems
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I know it started in the shipbuilding industry but why ? {probably start a riot this one}
My understanding is it's the Sunderland accent. Instead of " make " they pronounce it " mack ". The same goes for " take " pronounced " tack "

At one time they were referred to as " mack and tacks " later shortened to " mack'ems "

That's my " tack " on it anyway.
arc blow
Sunderland was once the ship building capital of the world, and I belive the saying went something like this.
"theres those that makem (ships) and those that takem and theres those that makem and takem (build them and then sail with them) . but I will probably be corrected.
Please don't take this as being my opinion, I don't want to make enemies with the whole of the north east.

My understanding of it, from a mackem is that mackems (make them) are from Sunderland and make the ships and I think tackems (take them) are from Newcastle although I have now idea where or why they take them.

But this, may well be, an absolute load of rubbish.

Not much help there then!
Orgasmic 's post is correct.
I am a Mackem, and I can confirm it is from the way Sunderland people pronounce the words "make" and "take".
THE Mackems used to make them , the tackems used to take them and put them right , sadly the last shipyard on the tyne was full of mackems thats why they had so much wrong and had to go the same way as the scum on the wear laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
melba = nob
what do they call their wives when they fake it in bed then.
Beady Eye
Gregyboy, bad idea putting on a post like that, cause WW2 in this area with that kind of thing. It is just an accent thing but any remark gets the loonies from both sides tossing insults at each other. The hate goes back as far as the Civil War and has religious undertones as well. Ever considered a career in the Diplomatic Corps?
sorry BE I thought there was a simple explanation didn't realise it was dead and buried, sorry mate
Beady Eye
Not your fault GB unless you know the area. It is nearly as bad as the weegies with Celtic and Rangers. Any excuse and the silly sods are off.
melba what a nob
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