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Full Version: soldering pewter
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Welding teacher
Hi folks,

I have been asked to repair a pewter ornament. i have a few pewtwer tankards which have had the bottoms soldered on.

Does that mean that pewtwer can be soldered as "normal"? or is there anything i should have to do differently?

i would appreciate any help or suggestions thatr anyone has


wavey dave
Yes you can solder pewter using a very low temperature pewter solder. You should find suppliers on the net or you can ask at a good jewlers.
The parts to be joined have to be clean as usuall and be a good fit.
Welding teacher
special pewter solder?

Bugger does this mean i cant use normal solder (the stuff on reels that i would solder electrics with)?

wavey dave
As far as I am aware lead free tin-bismuth solders which begin to melt at around 138C and are fully molten at around 180c are used for pewter.
But if you want to talk to the real experts then get intouch with:-
The Worshipful Company of Pewterers in London.
E-mail them at
Hope they can give you more help.
Welding teacher
thanks dave your a star.
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