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Full Version: Question about ASME 9
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Here's a question for all you English fellas,..If a welder has a ASME 9 coding, how long are they good for, they expire? In the States they are good for as long as you can proove that you have been welding on a consistant basis. The only time you have to re-certify as we call it, when you have to weld to another standard. I have a code that is dated as far back as 1990, I have had to take on site test, for the benefit of the employer. Having a past code is more like a VIP card, most companies in the States won't openly test a walk on, unless they have had prior codes.
hi i think u have to resit it every three years as it is the same as a 287 class 1 coding not a 100% sure

also someone to sign u off every six mouth i am sure if i am wrong someone will put u right
So do most companies do an on site pipe test code, or is it something a pipewelder just needs to keep up on his own. What is a general UK price for a ASME 9 code?
u need to keep it up on your own if u r a subi if on the books they will get someone to come in and u will do a test or send u away 4 a coding i hav just done a coding up the twi 287-1 i think it was about £150 for the day to do a test and more for the lab tests i think i am sure some one must know the price for a asme-9
Metal manipulator,
The ASME IX qualifications you have from the USA are valid for work only for the weld procedure you used in qualification testing ( eg.They are only valid for the company you were working for at the time of qualification).
What you have said about having evidence of prior experience is exactly correct, an employer can see your past qualifications and you will generally get the site test ahead of someone arriving without them.
Back to your original question, qualification will only expire if you have not welded with a certain process for 6 months (QW 322.1).
So, if you do an ASME IX test with an employer in the UK and you stay with the same employer your qualifications will never expire as long as you are using that process on a regular basis.
If your qualifications do expire you can do a "Renewal of Qualification" (QW 322.2) which is sometimes called a "rollover".
This entails welding a pipe or plate of any material, thickness, or diameter in any position and performing the same tests as for the original test. (radiography, bends etc).This will reinstate the original welder qualification for that process.
Hope this helps,
Redneck, agree 100% with what you say however many of the certificates in the UK are issued by classification societies such as Lloyds. How often do they have to endorse the ceritificates, it seems to vary from one surveyor to the next.
ASME IX Welder! There is no such animal.

There is a lot more information in detail to the ASME IX specification, but the gist is this
The manufacturer or contractor uses the ASME code to develop their own welding procedure. This is written and qualified with the rules of the ASME IX Part QW Welding.
Itís called a PQR it establishes all materials used and the welding parameters.
Each Manufacturer or Contractor shall be responsible for conducting the test to his welding procedure.
Each Manufacturer must maintain a record of the results obtained in welding procedure and welder and welding operator performance qualifications.
A welder proves his skill in performing this test.
The welder requires retesting every six months when the welder has not welded with a process for six months; he may be tested on a production weld by radiography to re-qualify.
So your last good weld by radiography was your last test date.
This is as long as you are welding to the same manufacturers or contractors welding procedure.

This is to prevent one manufacturer from going to all the expense of developing a welding procedure and then it being used by another manufacturer/contractor.

The Swerve
QUOTE (metal_manipulator @ Oct 6 2005, 05:51 PM)
In the States they are good for as long as you can proove that you have been welding on a consistant basis. The only time you have to re-certify as we call it, when you have to weld to another standard.

That statement is too broad. It may be true in your experience (I'm guessing you work in a shop?) but it doesn't apply in pipeline work where almost nothing is good for over 6 months.
And it's about the same in construction process piping and power piping. The U.A. (the pipe trades union) cert program requires a re test every 6 months on all of the tests they offer.

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