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Full Version: MICRO TIG and plasma welding
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nigel 42
Does anybody out there know whether it is possible to use this process with a dynasty200 dx machine
As i have got a job trying to weld 28swg stainless (very difficult i have tried using good fit up and backing jigs with gas purge.l albeit autogenous,also is it possible to do plasma welding with this machine,no doubt sombody out there has done some of this
nigel 42
am i expecting to much are most of you out there used to the heavy stuff

Hi nigel 42!

Not much response, eh?

As you are probably aware, your machine has a range from 1 Amp to 200 Amps, so it should be possible (but not easy!).

It's a long, long time since I've welded anything as thin as what your trying! The technology has moved on since those days! However, you've not mentioned using 'Heat Sinks' The last time I welded any really thin stuff was for aviation (M.O.D.) and those in the know always clamped big blocks of copper adjacent to the weld joint, as close as possible! They really made a difference!

As regards using your set for Plasma, try the millar website.

Sorry, not much help I know!


nigel 42
THANKS RODOFOD i think the ideal heat sinks would probably be heavy copper bus bar or thick alluminium.
regards nigel
you may find you will have to move to plasma, it gives a much narrower and more controllable arc.

I found a very useful company for these types of special application at:


hope this helps
Hi there Nigel42, Let me know the joint set ups and i will see if i can suggest a good method...........BTW /'-)
i take it its dairy pipe your trying to weld?
used to weld this in semiconductor plants mainly 316. the but needs to be perfectly square( used to use gf cutter).and no gap is left in butt. some jobs just let you fuse it together ,but when cap required used to use mig filler wire cut into meter bits. if a root was required just went round pipe twice and that seemed to work. all jobs were purged with argon or oxygen free nitrogen.
when doing more critical work used insert to set up(didnt actually weld any with inserts myself).
nowadays mostly machines that clamp round the pipe do this sort of work.
used to find that all the really good welders used to read to much into welding thin wall stainless pipe. if you get your speed and current right and you can see the butt you cant go w rong.
nigel 42
negative its 28swg stainless steel sheet butt welds and corner joints
have now managed to use o.5 mm tungstens and use pulse just fuse together
most firms do not stock the smaller tungstens lower than 1.6mm
thanks for your help guys
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