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Full Version: welding poem
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Read this, i found this recently on the web.

It's a poem wrote by a welder for welders.if anyone knows the poet's name
let me know as i am interested to see if he has wrote more.


Sweat stings the eyes as we toil all day
It's hard to imagine what we do for our pay ......
Now Metalricky is probably wondering right now why we edited out the
rest of that poem. It's a little something called copyright.

To take a complete poem like that and reproduce it elsewhere you
need the permission of the owner.

But we actually managed to find a website with what appears to be the
name of the original writer, plus if you notice at the bottom of the poem
a copyright notice.

So to read the rest of the poem click below:
We also strongly suspect that this is the gentleman who wrote that poem.
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