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Full Version: FLUX CORE push or pull
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can somone please tell me if you should push or pull when using flux core, many different welders i talk too say one or the other, thanks
Technic Al
Yes you can do both no problem, no real issue pushing if you are only doing fillets, but i would definately
advise pulling(conventional) if you are doing any UT or X-Ray work as pushing could result in issues like
lack of fusion and slag.

Happy Welding biggrin.gif
I agree with Al and 10.If you have a flux then pull is the only choice.
Rutile & basic = pull, Metal = push.
David 46
When with Slag Drag. Treat Metal Powder Wires as you would solid wires.

SRG Welder
PULL ... Unless you are inclined to vertical position then push
Ste .
ok pull but explain how you can pull up a pipe ???
Hi All!

bluelights26, that’s a very good question and one that I have been asked before.

In my experience, which includes development of FCAW for power station heavy wall pipework, I think it's more important to consider where your wire is entering the weld pool!

It is by far easier, and more logical to ‘pull’ or keep the wire at 90° entry angle for FCAW and most of the time, all things being equal and working to an approved procedure, the weld will be OK!

With Pipework and also some structural situations, a welder will find it impossible to perform a weld by using the ‘pulling’ technique all of the time. In my experience, under these conditions, I will keep the FCAW wire electrode entering the weld pool in the front third of the weld pool! Basically, at the leading edge! In fact, I advise this practice all of the time even when ‘Pulling’ conventionally.

This will help prevent the wire trying to penetrate already deposited weld metal and cause LOF/LOSW etc. Try it and see,

SRG Welder
QUOTE (bluelights26 @ Dec 14 2011, 08:48 PM) *
ok pull but explain how you can pull up a pipe ???

Ahhh you din not explain !! you weld pipe vertical up Mate !!

Ste .
srg welder , sonny boy i have been welding pipe since 1967 , i know how to weld you ====. i have answered this question before it is impossible to PULL wire up a pipe , but maybe some real welder will tell me how its done
SRG Welder
And I thought welding vertical up was pushing !! I needed to explain better in my posts eh !! but saying that I bet I could pull it up a pipe rolleyes.gif

Ste ......
It really dosent make any difference. what ever way is good for you.
If your over the top of a 5g the gun could be upside down, then your pullin up-hill!!!
I spoke to one of my Chinese welders today who is considered an expert. He told me with basic and rutile wires which have a lot of molten flux you do not want the molten flux to run in front of the weld pool for example when you are welding in the flat position therefore you should drag in this position. When welding vertical up with these wires gravity stops the molten flux running in front of the weld pool and to avoid excessive weld metal build up you should push in the vertical up position. I am no expert in practical welding but he has been doing it for nearly six months without a problem I believe. He cannot speak English and could not speak Mandarin so maybe a bit lost in the translation. Hope this helps in a small way.
Sounds about right Ningbo but you have to take care not to push too much or the gas will convect away especially if it heavy section or pre-heated.
QUOTE (David 46 @ Dec 14 2011, 07:22 AM) *
When with Slag Drag. Treat Metal Powder Wires as you would solid wires.

Drag with slag.
That comes direct from the manfacturer.
Try Some
Uncle D
If you're using solid wire "push" if you're using flux core wire "pull".
Do not try to put too much metal down at once though or you'll get cold lap and LOP at the root especially on d/h fillets.
Uncle D
Your comment about gas flow is very valid,also the point about "cold lap"
Thanks Unc.I have my
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