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Full Version: Welder Approval Test Certificate
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I've been doing the job years & a company I have my eye on getting into wants staff to have a Welder Approval Test Certificate. Where can I go to get this & how much does it cost?? I need it close to West Yorkshire. What about that place near dixon hall caldervale wakefield with acronyms?

So why ain't the company testing welder and paying for the certs
Why because they get Mugs to pay for them.
Ask any of the Brits working in Australia or New Zealand about providing your own codings - it just doesn't happen.
Nobody would go to work for someone if they have to pay for quals when they can get exactly the same money from someone else and that someone else pays for their welder qualification.
I realise people have to put food on the table but the only people who can solve this BS are you - the British welder.
As long as you guys keep paying for your own codings the employers and agencies are never going to change - why should they.
I know it is a touchy subject but as I said - the only way to fix it is for everyone to refuse to pay for their own codings.
Surely that is what the union is for, a co ordinated action?
Yeah it's an awkward subject. I've just landed a TIG job so they can RAM their Flux core up their jacksy, I bet they come phoning up when nobody will bother paying for the cert & find something else.
BB, why should welders not hold their own certificates? You hold your own certificates for welding inspection and do not have to do a test for every new job. In the case of welders why is there not a national database for qualified welders? For inspectors I can check on line for their qualifications. why can I not do this for welders? Why keep retesting welders for every job? Seems like a waste of money to me. If the work is important then the welders work is checked anyway. To me a welders certificate, issued by a valid test centre, should be valid for a certain period and reissued on confirmation of acceptable performance.
I have no problem with welders holding their own certificates, it is the abuse of the system by the employers that p.sses me off.
As you are well aware the ASME IX welder qualification is not transferrable between employers, that is clearly spelt out in the code.
How then can employers and agencies advertise for ASME IX welders with their own codings ? Unless they are the owner of a qualified WPS (which a lot of subcontract welders in NZ actually do) then how can their qualifications be valid ?
Due to the shortage of work in Britain welders are competing with each other for jobs, if the employer / agencies can get away with making them pay for their own qualifications of course they will do it.
How can companies state the piping system or tank or pressure vessel they have fabricated complies with the relevant ASME or API code when they have not complied with the code requirements for welder qualification ?
It is a major rort and who ends up paying for it ? - the poor old welder who is already struggling to make ends meet.
SRG Welder
I agree with BB on this one biggrin.gif I have a folder full of weld procedures and just got most of them transfered to my new company a procedure is for life !! however your test lasts 2 years ... I have been on a lot of jobs in the past for major construction companies welding bridge stiffners , lifting points , pipe and when one of these companies want a lloyds / zurich coded certificate its at their expence and as most of mine are now out of date my motto is you want a specific codeing I will pass it then work it in with my bill, as if the steel prices aint crippling quotes at the moment blooming codeings seem to be an issue !!

as being a small company for over 25 years I think these last 3-4 years have been the hardest for everyone and we all need to stick together or we will be paying to walk on the sites soon !!!

Ste .
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