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Does anyone know what is happening with BOC and Acetylene??

Apparently they have not got any, and have no idea when they will, as their acetylene factory burnt down and they have no idea when it will be up and running again.

The staff have apparently been told to tell everyone to use propane instead, which is not much good as you cannot weld with it and so far as i am concerned it is the most awful stuff for cutting. I know people think it is cheaper, but it uses twice as much fuel gas, twice as much oxygen, is slow, and generally horrible!!!!
I would like to have seen an Acetylene plant burning down.
there was a strong rumour a few years back that boc would phase out acetylene production due to falling demand.
mtb pete
Not been any acetylene at my local stockist for months, they told me that it is available directly from BOC but because of the accident in January they've had nothing but empty returns for months i.e. trying to get people to switch to propane etc but have a winge directly and they'll find you some is how i understood it.

No idea how true that is as i've learnt to live without (only really need oxy fuel for brazing and heating) but there's more than one filling facility in the country so unless there's been another accident or something else they're just a bit short on capacity

Edit. BOC statement from January
hi chaps,
i can't believe you cannot get acetylene anymore (i've had a look and it looks like you cant) I've been using it regulary for years brazing copper to brass on steam pipes using silver solder. i would of liked to see that go up too boilermaker (as long as no one was hurt obviously!!!) i remember seeing a video at college of a acetylene cylinder going up- very impressive. never mind a whole factory!!!
awrite guys.what a heard is a bottle exploded while geting filled somewhere down south and there geting filled in holland!where i work were geting it in dribs an drabs but u can still get it.
We got some from BOC about 3 weeks ago. We were waiting about 8 weeks for it
hi, apparently it was down in bristol, but they were supposed to be giving you free delivery if you gave them about 2 weeks notice or change to air products as they have loads.
i got mine from ipswich & portsmouth branch somight depend where you are.
Go to air products they've got shed loads. Been usin 'em for ages now they're rubbing their hands together cos the B.O.C. faithful are flocking 2 'em.
Technic Al
can you still get Calcium Carbide?

anyone with an old carbide acetylene generator will be laughing........mind you they might have been banned years ago

I bet AP are making a killing
Technical AL.......

Try this,but i accept no responsibility for anything.........|1,0,0,1|43

Might need a few tins to fill an acetylene bottle though......

Technic Al
I thought carbide lamps had been outlawed years ago. I had an old carbide bike lamp that I used to bring out and bore people with during drunken moments. When I ran out of carbide I threw it away.
I think you can still buy it for (as ratcatcher says ) caving lamps and for farmers "carbide cannons" to scare crows etc. The storage of it used to come under the explosive regulations. Almost got me the sack when I was an apprentice, made a few bombs with it and one went off during a launching ceremony.

Newbie member here, to forum that is , notwelding!

I've been havin problems gettin oxy-acetylene bottles from my local BOC agent,...mate told me to try Air products to get sum and was told that they are supplying all the oxy-acetylene at mo and -no news when BOC will be up and running if any u got problems getting sum I'd go to Air Products.

Hi All

You will have no problem now.
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