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> Looking for pure iron welding rod
post Jan 22 2018, 11:21 AM
Joined: 22-Jan 18

I'm not a welder, so please be gentle with me...

I'm an engineer, making a small linear stepper motor. The armature needs to be made from a soft magnetic material, which can be a silicon steel or pure iron. The former isn't made in small enough diameters, so I'm looking for small-diameter pure iron wire.

Two things sent me here. The biggest brand in pure iron is Armco, which is now owned by AK Steel. Their website says that Armco rod is sold as "Welding Wire Used for weld repairs on galvanizing tanks". And back in 2008, Technic_Al suggested that some unidentified wire could be Armco, which is now "very very expensive". Well, that doesn't put me off - I just need 10mm or so for each motor.

Does anyone know where I can buy this rod? Right now I need something around 3mm diameter, but I'd probably get a range of sizes. No problem if it's copper plated, but it should be straight lengths, rather than spooled.

Many thanks in advance
Technic Al
post Jan 24 2018, 01:56 PM
Joined: 14-Oct 03

Lincoln used to do a stick that was on an Armco Iron core. It was called KARDO. Ive been left for about 9 years now so it may have been "rationalised".
You could try contacting Vincent Van der Mee at Lincoln Smitweld in Nijmegen. He will definitely know. He is on Linkedin. He also speaks excellent English so that wont be a problem. Sorry Ive forgotten the phone number but you can google it.

The galvanizing tank bit is due to the low Silicon. Molten zinc will attack the silicon in steel (its called LME). If low silicon will do your job Metrode do a rod called NILSIL...you could also contact them
post Jan 25 2018, 02:24 PM
Joined: 22-Jan 18

That's really helpful, thank you.

Silicon is actually a good thing: magnetic permeability (which governs the flux density that a material can carry) rises with increasing silicon content, reaching a sharp peak at 6.5%. In fact transformer and motor cores are made from a material that's called 'silicon steel' for this reason.

But silicon steel isn't made in rod form, so I'm going for the stuff they used to use before silicon steel - pure iron. The most important criterion is low carbon - as low as possible, in fact. That's why I was looking for Armco.

Kardo does still seem to be made, and the carbon content is indeed very low. I'll look into it. Again, many thanks.
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