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> Propylene or Propane
Hap Hazard
post Jan 12 2018, 10:49 AM
Joined: 12-Jan 18

Hi all,

Just registered, so please forgive me if this question has been asked before.

I am trying to set up my new workshop (home use) and was many years ago, an avid acetylene user.

Obviously with the safety regulations tightening up on acetylene, not to mention the cost, availability and home insurance implications, I have now equipped myself with an AC Tig welder, a Mig (which I had before the TIG) and along the way acquired a cheapy stick welder. So as you can see I pretty much have the welding front covered!

Keen on metal shaping, I currently find my hand-held gas torch too limited when it comes to annealing, so was looking to equip myself with a oxy/gas set up heat metal (I have a plasma cutter for general cutting work).

Looking at the advantages of Propylene, I understand that this gas, as with Propane, are unsuitable for GAS WELDING as both gasses are oxidising gasses. (As I say, welding is adequately covered in my workshop anyway!).

So to the main questions: If I am going to use a gas/oxy set up for heating only, I would be looking to go for propane gas/oxy. However, if I am going to invest and equip myself with a gas/oxy set up, it would be nice to be able to braze as well.

So the questions are: can you braze with Propylene or Propane ok?

Presumably I can simply get different tips for torches and use older oxy/ace torches?

Is there advantages using Propylene for brazing over propane?

Lastly in terms of make of torches etc, in regard to new gear, is there any recommendations as to good quality gear out there?

Thanks in advance,

post Jan 19 2018, 12:27 PM
Joined: 3-Jul 07

Understand your problem. I would use the gas with the highest calorific value Propane/Propylene. Do not try and run any LPG gas through a torch specifically designed for Acetylene. Acetylene (C2H2) is listed as an explosive. I prefer to use it myself for a number of uses despite the attitude of the frightened children in the Hse. Good torch makers include BOC in the UK or Harris Calorific in the US.
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