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> tungsten furring up
post Feb 16 2017, 09:55 PM
Joined: 13-Mar 16

hi all ,
just a question for tig welders using argon on stainless steel .on striking up the tip of the 2% thoriated tungsten furrs up. Happens every time ,this occurs with the majority of the welders .we are using kempii mastertig sets .could this be due to inferior ARGON ? .The machine has a preflow of 2 secs and postflow of 12 secs ,using gas lens also recently ,using no 12 pyrex cup this keeps the weld really clean even at high amperages also large gas cups ceramics with large gas lens ,but it is this niggling thing at striking up .
any ideas greatly appreciated
cheers John
post Feb 18 2017, 08:10 PM
Joined: 9-May 07

Tungsten diameter and ampage?
post Feb 18 2017, 09:32 PM
Joined: 13-Mar 16

hi ,
the diameter is extensively 2.4 2% Thoriated tungsten the amperage can vary from 60 amps up to 150 , in my last job 32 yrs i cannot recall this happening, but we we using boc stainshield as the gas and not argon so was wondering if this is the reason this occurs also the power source was a transtig . the company also uses 303 on some parts i know this is a free cutting stainless and generally considered un weldable , but i cannot get them to change so there is a tendency for undercutting and the tip of the tungsten can erode quicker. The majority of the material is 304l,316l . I have asked for lanthiated tungsten to see if it may resolve this issue .
regards John
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