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> Welder approval & PWHT
post Aug 22 2019, 08:44 AM
Joined: 22-Aug 19

Hello one and all,
I have a query that I hope someone here can help me with. We have a Welding procedure in place to EN ISO 15614 with no PWHT and the welder is qualified to ISO 9606.
2 years later, the same weld was qualified with PWHT, but by a different welder.

So my question is, is the original welder approved to perform the weld that requires PWHT, bearing in mind he hasn't actually welded it?
I can't find anything in ISO 9606 in essential variables and range of qualifications that says PWHT is an essential variable, so I'm uncertain.
Our contractor says it is permissible, but I'm tending to form the opposite opinion.

Thanks if anyone can clear this up for me.
post Sep 11 2019, 11:12 AM
Joined: 9-Dec 07

Sorry for the late response.
Welder qualification relates to the welders ability to perform a "sound" weld.
The addition or deletion of PWHT will have no bearing on whether the welder can or cannot produce a "sound weld".
The addition or deletion of PWHT is procedure related, nothing to do with welder qualification,
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