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> En1090
post Jan 7 2017, 08:03 AM
Joined: 7-Jan 17

Hello people.i'am new to your group.i only have one question.i've been welding for a few years and have never been tested or coded.the company i work for are now trying for En1090.
Had a assesor come out and look at my work yesterday.welds were fine for the job i will be doing.but today i cant replicate those same welds.the machine is a lorch 350 micormig.wire is 0.8.gas is argoshield light.material thickness is 4mm.any advice would be helpfull.many thanks.
post Jan 10 2017, 09:05 AM
Joined: 18-Aug 16

Hi Bob,
According to EN1090-2 7.4.2 - welders 'shall' be qualified in accordance with EN 287-1 (now superseded by ISO 9606), so I assume you will be getting tested/certified?

Do you have a weld procedure (WPS) to work to giving some guidelines on welding conditions?
To produce consistent welds, it should be just a case of the same welder set up (volts, amps, gas flow rate etc) and doing the same joint with the same technique, is your welder set up (volts / amps, polarity etc) the same as you were using yesterday?
post Jan 10 2017, 06:21 PM
Joined: 7-Jan 17

Thanks for your reply andy.
All went well today.
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