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> Melting filler rod
post Jan 6 2021, 12:43 PM
Joined: 6-Jan 21

HI, first post.
Done loads of MIG and O/A and have recently bought an R-Tech 161 inverter TIG. all going reasonably well, but one of the things that I'm stumbling with is - welding 3mm Ali at recommended settings, the 2.4mm filler rod keeps melting regardless of all the things I've tried to stop it.
Any suggestion?
Technic Al
post Jan 7 2021, 06:29 PM
Joined: 14-Oct 03

Im struggling here
Isnt the filler supposed to melt?

or have I got the wrong end of the stick
post Jan 10 2021, 10:20 PM
Joined: 15-Oct 09

sounds to me like you are melting the rod with the arc, rather than waiting for the pool to form and dipping wire into front of pool
post Jan 11 2021, 09:44 AM
Joined: 6-Jan 21

Ah, now, You're assuming!
Firstly...Yes I know the rod is meant to melt as it is touched on the leading edge of the weld pool, not by the arc
Secondly.. No, it's not being melted by the arc - it's nowhere near it, it starts to melt after abot 50mm of going ok. I've tried to keep it in the argon shield, out of the argon shield, moving it well out of the way between dabs etc.....so I'm a bit flummoxed. Now that the weather is a bit less brass monkey I'm going to try a few thing that might help.....
post Jan 28 2021, 05:13 PM
Joined: 20-Nov 07

What would you call recommended and by whom?
post Jan 28 2021, 06:47 PM
Joined: 20-Nov 07

If you hold the filler rod at 6 o'clock to the torch/direction of travel the super heated argon will melt the rod as ally transfers heat rapidly. Try going in from the side but still hit the front of the pool.
post Mar 13 2021, 11:33 AM
Joined: 19-Jan 08

Sounds like you have too much torch angle.

Try it with the torch at 90 degrees to the workpiece.

post Mar 16 2021, 09:40 AM
Joined: 18-Sep 13

Hello Denny boy.

Iíve never used that type of machine but please to check and see if it has AC current offset feature... I have a feeling that could be your problem.. it could be set to far in the -


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