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> ISO 9606-1 stick cert
post Jan 20 2017, 12:29 AM
Joined: 9-Dec 07

Maybe I am not explaining myself properly.
To prolong a cert an RWC or other responsible person signs to verify the welder has been complying with the welding requirements for the previous 6 months.
How can they do that if he/she has only been with the company 3 months ?
If they don't sign to prolong after 3 months (when the original 6 months is up) the welder is no longer qualified.
If they do sign to prolong they have committed fraud as they have no idea what the welder was doing in the 3 months prior to joining the new company.
Clear as mud - LOL ?
post Jan 20 2017, 09:34 AM
Joined: 18-Aug 16

Hi BB, Thanks for your reply, I completely understand your interpretation now!
My interpretation is slightly different, the 6 monthly prolongation verifies the welder has been working within his range of approval within the last 6 months rather than continuously for the past 6 months. Meaning if I break my leg and take a month off or if I go on holiday for a month or 3, I wont come back 'unqualified'.

I'm not particularly saying my interpretation is the correct one, the standard is actually quite vague under section 9.2 with the requirements for prolongation.

It's good to see different interpretations and highlight vague areas in the standards though!

Butt animal
post Jan 20 2017, 11:49 PM
Joined: 29-Nov 15

I agree with you andye611
If I took a holiday or even a day off within the 6 months would the QA department be committing fraud for stamping my cert. another possibility is that I might be welding one day but not up to the spec of my cert, fillet welds when my cert is for pipe welding. If the company stamped my cert it would be fraud because one day in 6 months I wasn't welding up to the spec. Now we're getting rediculous.
When I hand over all my Certs to a company, I expect the company to keep them all validated whether I weld to the spec on all my Certs or not.
I have several 6g and 6gr Certs of different combinations of welding processes on different materials. This has never been an issue here in Britian to get them all stamped, it might be different in other countries where welding to these standards is deemed hard, but amongst the oil n gas fraternity here in Britian we all know that it's not hard to pass a 6g/ 6gr weld test.
A welding cert doesn't make you a good welder, it allows you to become a good welder.
post Jan 22 2017, 01:01 AM
Joined: 9-Dec 07

As I said it is a grey area - not very well detailed at all.

Look at ASME IX
Welder performs a qualification test and passes.
A welder does no welding for 3 months - no problem.
As soon as he strikes an arc using the same process as he qualified with his quals are extended for a further 6 months.
He can not do any welding for 5 months and 29 days and the same applies.
The whole reasoning behind this is the quals are only valid for the employer that had operational control / responsibility of the welding.
You would never have the issue as noted in the OP because the quals are not transferrable between companies.
post Jan 23 2017, 07:02 AM
Joined: 23-Jul 09

Totally agree,

All the above is currently what's wrong with the testing/coding/paying your own certs nonsense that is going on in the uk now.

While I was testing out for a well know uk based company, I asked the testing company how much these tests I was doing would cost?
I was quoted 2k to qualify me for (with out materials or consumables included)

1x6" schd 160 tig/stick 6g (carbon)
1x6" schd 160 tig flux cored 6g (carbon)
1x2" schd 80 Tig 6g (carbon)
1x2" schd 80 tig (stainless)
3x1/2" schd 160 6g (stainless)
3x1/2" schd 160 6g (carbon)

Plus 4 fillet welds.

Why on earth would I pay 2000+ for all that just to work for a poxy agency on 15 a hour?

And the guy's who are paying for there own certs need to have there heads looked at!!
post Jan 23 2017, 09:43 AM
Joined: 18-Nov 03

Well said Boiler Rat.
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