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> Welding position PG
David 46
post Feb 1 2021, 01:30 PM
Joined: 27-Sep 08

Hello everyone,

Question: at what angle does the position PG actually start ? is it 10 or 15 is there a rule for this anywhere to be found?
post Feb 21 2021, 07:57 PM
Joined: 7-Apr 20

Here goes-
The position PG refers to vertical down fillet and butt weld positions under ISO6947. If you're qualifying a procedure to EN ISO 15614 and the welders to EN ISO 9606,then I cannot find anything mentioning a +/- variance on either plane or rotational position.
However, If it's an ASME9 WPQR or WQT then please refer to ASME 9 QWs 405.4(b),461.1 for groove (butt) welds and 461.2 for fillet welds.
I've been in a position previously, where the vendor was welding together an API650 fixed tank roof at an angle of slope of 20deg from flat. I caught the welders welding downwards (stoving),using GMAW, from the centre of the roof ,to the bottom at the curb angle. The welders were qualified to 3F/3G (pf) and 4F/4G (pd/pe), and as such, were not qualified, and were working out of procedure. Be careful. Good luck with deciphering the ASME gibberish.
post Feb 22 2021, 01:17 AM
Joined: 7-Apr 20

PG is downward progression and requires a separate WPQR. According to all of the specs I am familiar with.
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