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> What qualifications does a pipefitter/welder have
post Aug 6 2019, 07:52 PM
Joined: 6-Aug 19

Hi guys,
I'm currently a fabricator/welder looking for a bit of a change. I've been looking to try and get some pipefitting qualifications to possibly become a pipefitter/welder instead, however I can not find any options in any of the colleges(UK based). All I can a find are plumbing courses. So does a plumber and a pipefitter have the same training/apprenticeship initially?? Would a qualified plumber technically be able to apply for a pipefitter roll?? Have any of you made the same change I'm looking to do??
post Aug 13 2019, 02:06 PM
Joined: 8-Jun 14

They are different trades.

As far as I'm concerned Pipe fitters work with larger pipes in engineering environments such as oil & gas, refineries, fab shops and power stations etc. It is a largely fabrication role with a mechanical side. It's heavier and higher quality work in more demanding industries where pipes are welded together and you will regularly deal with welders.

Plumbers work in domestic and some industrial settings like buildings and factories. I see it as essentially bathrooms, utilities and gas etc. Largely free of arc welding more soft welding like soldered fittings. Plumbers can branch off into ship repair as the work is essentially the same in many cases, I'd call this a marine plumber. Or go into heating. It's more construction.

The difference at the end of the day? I have never worked with a plumber in Aberdeen fabs shops who lasted the shift, all are found out straight away, that's if they get in the door.

Many offshore claim to be pipe fitters but are in fact plumbers or heating engineers. They are able to get by because much of the work essentially deals with bolts and anyone can do that, especially tightening after the required courses but will never make the spool they are putting together. Panic does set in when a butt needs set in position, we've all seen it. I'm starting to hear about plumbers failing the ECITB written and practical Pipefitter trade test now because quite simply they are different trades. IMO this has been a joke situation for a long time.

As for bolters laugh.gif

It's difficult to impossible to become qualified without doing an apprenticeship.

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post Aug 16 2019, 09:43 PM
Joined: 19-Sep 16

Try work with our company,well known infrastructure and mech contractor,most of our pipe fitters are plumbers and fabricators,try coming to weld a butt after these boys,you will earn your salt,90 degree preps,nice uneven gaps,bullets melted into inside of pipe and big fat lands!all paid the same as us time served welders and fitters.our trade is being diluted by companies willing to employ these lads because the client pays for the hour on clock card,client pays no matter,good or bad tradesman.the good lads carry the work load because they don't want the frustration of working with sloppy workers
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