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> Air Fed
post Feb 16 2019, 01:27 PM
Joined: 16-Feb 19

Got collared by H&S guy at work the other day, and was asked why i wasnt wearing a filter mask under my screen while welding with vodex.
Told him i felt was ok using extractor, and P3 masks plus glasses dont go together well under a headshield or not imho lol.
He said he's going to pressurise management to stump up for an airfed each for us (the welding screens they supply are simply 40ish SWP ones with a frankly crap lense, so use my own optrel e680 now and then, but mainly an old pipeliner with gold lense depending on what im doing). Said he was unsure about which ones would be best as far as both ventiation and optical clarity were concerned, and he asked which were good ones. Told him yes id be happy to use a decent one, that had a grinding screen too, and said about the Speedglass 9100 range with lift up bit (9100fx?), closed in bottom around the neck for fumes, and extended protective bit for the top of the head for slag/spatter.

My question is... Are they any good for tig welding??? pipe mainly. Roll outs half the time, positional half the time. Do they flicker on and off if not got a distinct line of sight to the arc?
The only auto shield ive used is an optrel e680 until now, have always preffered passive gold lenses especially for Tig welding.
post Feb 17 2019, 07:46 PM
Joined: 23-Aug 08

I use the 9100FX and have no problems what so ever. You can adjust the sensitivity on them for TIG welding so you don't get any flickering. Also, you can adjust the delay time and the shade to suit the job at hand.
They are a little bulky so for tie-ins I always have my monkey mask at hand if needed which is very rarely.
post Feb 17 2019, 08:57 PM
Joined: 19-Sep 16

Bit of advice with speedglas and the adflo blower,ensure you get management to purchase gas filter in addition to the blowers particulate filter as it will clean all smoke and heavy gas going through the blower,the particulate filter will only remove grinding dust and not fumes
post Feb 18 2019, 08:40 AM
Joined: 16-Feb 19

Was wondering about it flickering on/off while tig welding tbh, as the optrel i have is a real pita for it now. The switch on it to adjust the delay is knackered, but its done ok for 10years or so now, so really cant complain. Thats why i use the gold lense for any tig welding.
As far as weight goes, yes can imagine they are a bit heavier than others, but thats just something to get used to lol.
So all in theyre a good bit of kit im guessing.
Thanks guys, youve settled my curiosity
post Feb 18 2019, 07:48 PM
Joined: 16-Feb 19

Thanks guys :)
post May 27 2019, 01:00 PM
Joined: 10-Sep 07

If they go with the 9100 don't let them get the hardhat variant as they wiegh a tonne

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