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> Wekd maps & logs
post Jan 30 2017, 02:25 PM
Joined: 18-Aug 16

Hi all,
Recently I have had a few assignments for jobs around Scandinavia, and I keep turning up to the worksites to find the fabricators don't have proper planning in place, weld maps & logs (of course incomplete) have not been established atall prior to fabrication start...

These fabrications are all high integrity subsea structures, in some cases just temporary installation aids, but when working to Norsok M-101 which states the fabricator must be certified to ISO 3834-2 'comprehensive quality requirements' and the contract requires the weld maps/logs as part of the MRB.
I find myself going into the workshops and finding welders running around, welding away, but when asked what WPS they're working to, they have no idea, when mentioning this to the RWC or even their internal inspectors, they just stare blankly! Making it pretty obvious that the maps & logs are a made up record after manufacture rather than a tool to maintain the traceability through fabrication....

In my experience, these type of jobs are always planned, ok in practise the weld maps / logs may not be complete in the early stages, but the RWC would have control and welders would be working on the parts which have their WPS assigned etc... am I being too picky?

Any other RWC or inspectors on here that have experienced the same?

Rant over laugh.gif !
post Jan 30 2017, 03:35 PM
Joined: 14-Jan 07

> ... welding away, but when asked what WPS they're working to, they have no idea ...

On site, WPS's are for when the "amenities block" runs out of toilet-paper, as I ever understood???
In the office in London, a "welding engineer" sits in a small rectangular office with a desk and telephone in the middle, with filing cabinets ringing the walls containing the various WPQR's and WPS's inherited from companies acquired over the decades - and the "welding engineer" matches a WPQR and WPS to the job as described being done on a current site. Office requirements fulfilled. Zero value added to the job. The welder gets to clean themselves after a "rest break". Site all good too.
Have I missed something about how it really works?


Try Some

PS I've come across MIG WPQR's welded on DCEN, where the condition is a "normal" MIG weld, etc, etc. No-one really looks at these things anyway, even in the office.

PPS thanks for the post - good to relive the realities out there
post Jan 30 2017, 06:02 PM
Joined: 18-Aug 16

Cheers for the reply! I'm aware how it works in the real world having served my time as a welder, maybe I'm in the minority, but when I was in the shops, if we didn't know our WPS, the foreman would be kicking your bottom!

It's rare to go into a shop and see they have full control, but in my experience, the minute you pull them up on it (hopefully before they start up), they know what your talking about, know what they should do and start preparing the documentation, if approached with the right attitude, fabricators are normally quite humble and take a good attitude to putting it right....

In this case, the RWC and weld inspector act as though they've never heard of this before, how they got there 3834 certain in dont know!

It doesn't sit right with me anyway, ok in reality things aren't perfect, but no effort what so ever in this case & luckily enough my client has taken this seriously!
post Feb 12 2017, 08:48 AM
Joined: 13-May 09

Hi Andy , I take it your working for client or 3rd party , if the contract or ITP states that MRB should contain full trace ability records such as weld maps etc and this has not been carried out then a NCR should be issued to the contractor. This should than be closed out to your satisfaction before anything is signed off.
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